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Cue, putting behavior on ~

“Putting behaviour on cue” means teaching your dog to perform a specific behaviour when you give the cue. The behaviour may be a naturally occurring action not normally included in dog training, as well as more conventional actions such as sitting or lying down.

Examples include teaching your dog to:

  • bark on command (also known as “Speak”);
  • sneeze (see “Sneeze”, or if you want to be stylish, pull out a tissue)
  • jump up and down (see “Bounce”)

Putting behaviour on cue, or under stimulus control, is also a way of dealing with unwanted behaviour. The idea is that your dog will jump up when given the cue (“bounce”) and stop when asked to, and furthermore will not jump up when asked to do anything else (such as to sit) and, at least in a training situation, and if training is thorough enough, in everyday life as well, will not jump unless asked to do so. In other words, all aspects of stopping and starting the behaviour are dependent on the cue. Each aspect of stimulus control requires its own training.


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