On your mat

Have a look at this YouTube Video.

Teaching your dog to settle

It has some good points, but you will notice some minor differences between his methods and my methods.

Q, What are these differences? Please put your answer in the comments box.


3 comments on “On your mat

  1. Hi Kaye, l too noticed that instead of luring with hand onto mat he threw the treat on mat from a distance. He also used “okay” as release word and l felt that the whole exercise looked very sloppy.
    Thanks Bernadette.

  2. Well done Janet! I have also used the method of throwing food onto the mat, but I do it after I have done some initial teaching using the lure hand movement. The other points I think are small technical errors on his part. However, the dog still learnt the exercise. The other major difference is that I backchain the exercise. He forward chains. (I do what???)

  3. Hi Kaye,

    The differences I noticed were handler throwing the treat on the mat instead of luring. He used the marker (clicker) as a keep going signal, repeated the cue when sending with the throwing action hand signal and used OK as the release word.

    Cheers, Janet Green

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