Handlers’ Understanding

What handlers need to understand when starting a group class In group class: Be aware of the dogs’ need for space Be aware of the need to monitor eye contact between dogs in a group class – intervene if your dog starts eye-balling or is distracted by looking at the other dogs.  Motivation: Reward-based training […]

Hot Tips and Pitfalls – first steps on the lead

Three Hot tips Teach your puppy to get used to wearing the collar and lead inside the house. Reward your puppy every couple of steps for walking beside you on lead, doing a simple little circuit in your backyard. Encourage your puppy to follow you off lead by walking away in a safe, enclosed area, […]

What does your dog’s name mean?

“Name” Your dog’s name functions as an informal command, meaning “pay attention to me”. Attentiveness means that your dog is more likely to respond to your next command. What “name” means to your dog: “…”? What it means to most dog owners: Whatever you want it to mean. Sometimes used to mean come here, but it is […]

Coming when called – a few comments

A pet dog should be taught to come when called reliably with a degree of formality in order to communicate “I really mean it” but not necessarily with the decorative aspects of the competition recall exercise. The most important part of the recall in every day life is that your dog comes to you reliably on the […]

Hot tips and pitfalls – coming when called

Coming when called Three Hot Tips Always reward your dog for coming to you, whether by praise, food, playing with a toy or all three. Release your dog (for example by saying “off you go”) after rewarding her for coming – and do this many, many times, rather than just calling your dog at the […]

Getting your puppy’s attention

This article gives you introduction to coming when called. We begin with teaching your puppy to pay attention to her name, and then outline some simple steps to introduce this important command. From the earliest age, you can teach your puppy to come when called. This is done by using various means to attract the […]

Pulling on the lead

Pulling on the lead Many dogs pull on the lead. It is a standard joke in cartoons to see the dog owner leaning back at 45 degrees to the perpendicular, while the dog, with massively powerful shoulders, leans forward at 45 degrees to the perpendicular, dragging the hapless owner forwards like the winning team in […]